Send and Schedule Emails


Once your campaign is Published, you can begin sending emails to your contacts. Funderbolt has five suggested templates that you can use and customize throughout key points in your campaign. You may also choose the No Template option if you wish to send a custom email from scratch to your contacts.


  1. From Your Dashboard, click Team Dashboard
  2. Click Fundraising Emails
  3. On the top right corner, click Send an Email
  4. Select the appropriate template, or choose No Template to create your own email
  5. Use the Select Your Contacts drop down menu to choose the email recipients
  6. Customize your email to fit your voice and what you want to tell your selected contacts
  7. To send your email immediately, click Send Now or to schedule your email for a later date, click Choose a Date, select a date and time for the system to send your email, and then click Schedule Email

Frequently Asked Questions

Why can’t I access the email system?

You cannot send emails through Funderbolt until your campaign is launched, because links in the templates wouldn’t send contacts to your campaign page properly, as it can’t be viewed by the public yet. Once your campaign launches, emails will become available to you.

Can I send an email to somebody I haven’t uploaded as a contact to Funderbolt?

No, you will only be able to send emails to people who you have uploaded as contacts. You can add new email addresses as contacts at any time.

What are Email Variables (i.e., the weird tags in my template)?

Throughout the templates, you will see email variable tags such as {recipient_name} and {advocate_page_link}. These variables will automatically fill in relevant information and links when you send the email. You can always erase them, replace them, or add new ones by clicking the Email Variables dropdown above your email. Always make sure there is a link variable if you want them to access your campaign.

Why didn’t my contact receive my email?

Your contact may not have received your email for one of two reasons. The first is that, although unlikely, it may have gone into their spam inbox, so ask them to check there. To mitigate against any future emails going to spam, make sure you further customize your email, especially if you are using a template.

The second reason your contact may not have received your email is because they have already received that same template from another team member or they have donated to the campaign. Once a person makes a gift, they become blocked from receiving templated emails from Funderbolt. Many fundraising teams have multiple team members with the same contact, and once that contact receives a specific template or gives, the system does not allow them to receive further templated outreach emails. However, the Supporter may want to hear about your campaign’s progress and important updates, so you can override the system by sending a custom email to that contact by selecting No Template and creating your own.

How should I send test emails to myself?

You can always send test emails to yourself before sending it out to the rest of your contacts. We recommend using the No Template option in the dropdown menu, as this does not restrict whether you can receive it more than once, and making a donation to your campaign won’t impact whether it’s delivered.

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